About us

Passion for improvement through innovation!

Our mission and our passion

Our mission and passion: To provide managers with accessible technological tools that improve the overall performance of plants according to the principles of Intelligent Plant 4.0

Andromedia Technologies started its operations in 2014 by designing mobile applications and connecting industrial machines. In 2016, it merged with the consulting firm AméliorAction.

The founders are two “ex” managers from the industrial sector who have more than 40 years of “floor” experience. Through their experiences and exchanges with their manufacturing customers, they have developed a clear vision of the needs to make factories more digital, smarter and above all more productive.

We consider it essential to involve our customers at all stages of their solution development

We make it our duty to advise our customers on the technologies best suited to their needs

We consider it important to be fully transparent towards them

We use the latest software engineering techniques, which is a guarantee of quality

We systematically test all the functionalities integrated into the solutions we develop

We are passionate about what we do. We eat it and dream about it!

It is a pleasure for us to take the time necessary to learn to master emerging technologies

This guarantees our customers that the solutions we develop are always at the cutting edge of technology

Sylvie Rioux, VP Development

Sylvie is an Early adopter of technologies that simplify life.

Specialist in continuous improvement and process analysis in health, safety, environment and quality.

Sylvie is a dynamic person, attentive to the needs of her clients. With her creativity and humour, she knows how to popularize the concepts of the intelligent factory and involves employees in the improvement process, which contributes to the success of any innovative project.

Bertrand Gauvreau, President

Geek passionate about computers since his early childhood.

Always on the lookout for the best technological solutions.

Specialist in digital data management.

Specialist in infonuagic technologies and connected machines.

Bertrand is rigorous in the development of digital solutions. He also has an excellent analytical mind. He understands the realities and needs of clients through his industrial experience.

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