Quebec manufacturers must prepare for the fourth major global industrial revolution: connected machines and Smart Factory 4.0.

Why should you be interested in Smart Factory 4.0 from now on?

In Quebec, your manufacturing or municipal plant needs to be ready quickly to survive world modernization.

The plant will have to:

  • Catch up on delays in productivity and technology;
  • Compensate for the lack of relief and low availability of skilled labor;

Your global competitors in Europe and the United States are transforming their factories:

  • 500 million smart sensors will be installed on factories’ machines in United States before 2020 (in 3 years!).
  • More than 80 % of industrialists in the world will have adopted machines connected to the internet before 2025.

Where to begin?

1) Get informed!

Having worked for more than 20 years in the industrial sector got us interested in the New Factory, mostly because its three main principles meet our convictions and personal values:

  • A factory focused on people
  • An efficient, innovative, productive and profitable factory
  • A factory that restores its value to society, thanks to the excellence of its business processes.

As manufacturers, you like producing standard products in large volumes. However, more and more, your customers have come to prefer the unique, just-in-time order. Today, you can personalize your Tesla in a few minutes on your iPhone, make a deposit, order it and receive a text message confirmation within 40 minutes! Industry 4.0 reconciles two paradigms and answers the question: how can we mass-produce unique objects? Its main objectives are:

  • To better serve customers with flexibility and custom products;
  • To improve the reliability and flexibility of machines;
  • To optimize all the resources: human, material and energy;
  • To preserve, even develop, future industrial jobs.

2) Imagine your Smart Factory 4.0…

Cloud computing, Internet of Things and connected machines are at the base of the manufacturing industry 4.0. Smart Factory requires five rising technologies to achieve its goals:

  1. Smart sensors that self-diagnose and provide you with real time measures to monitor machine operations via smart dashboards accessible via your mobile device.
  2. The smart and connected machines send, if necessary, alarms or warnings by e-mail or by SMS. Your machines anticipate breakdowns, send you a request for corrective or preventive maintenance or inform you that a critical part must be ordered because the store is out of stock.
  3. The virtual or augmented reality for the training of your employees, for simulating of an appropriate method or as a visual step-by-step task aid.
  4. Correct “paperless” information given just-in-time to the right person, thanks to mobile device forms. The data collected by your employees on their mobile devices are sent directly to your database systems.
  5. The 3D impression allows a unique part to be quickly manufactured for a customer.

From Fiction to Reality!

On November 2nd of this year, DigiHub Shawinigan opened the second center of excellence in Smart Factory 4.0:

A 5 minute presentation of the new Smart Factory center 

What is the DigiHub Smart Factory 4.0 Center?

The DigiHub Shawinigan Smart Factory 4.0 Center is a unique ecosystem conducive to technological innovation, bringing together companies who work in partnership for the development of integrated solutions for your Smart Factory 4.0.

Andromedia Technologies leads the project, assisted by experienced partners having a common objective: to easily transition Quebec factories towards the 4th industrial revolution.

The Center’s mission is to guide factory management (food, industrial, municipal and others) during the various phases of their Factory 4.0 project. The Center allows you to find six partner- companies dedicated to your project under the same roof. Visit our Websites to get an idea of the concrete possibilities for your factory! (See clickable link for every Website):

  • Virtuelis: The idea in the virtual or increased virtual or increased reality production of projects, via the creation of contents.
  •  GFX designed THE industrial tablet perfect for your zero paper factory: Kalliope, a multifunctional Android tablet, is strong and offers exceptional autonomy.
  • Rum and Codea team of experienced developers is ready to realize your techno project, whether it is a platform of e-commerce, a mobile application, a SAAS or some other software need.
  • J Innovations designs innovative software solutions, offering services in electronic integration, prototype and robotics design
  • AméliorAction assists managers in health-safety, environment and quality management, thanks to continuous improvement and innovative technological solutions. It has realized several implementation projects of mobile forms and tableaux smart management dashboards in factories and service companies. 
  • Andromedia Technologies, the leading business of the Center has for its slogan: Innovative Solutions For Your Smart Factory! Our mission is to offer the best integrated solutions that contribute to the global improvement of the performance of industrial and municipal factories, according to the principles of Smart Factory 4.0.

Contact us for a free presentation, an evaluation of your needs or a meeting. We will then be able to supply effective support and show you how the 4th industrial revolution works for your Smart Factory 4.0.

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