Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

These two technologies offer a multitude of possibilities for training, risk management and task support

But what is it about?

Augmented Reality

  • In real time, the embedding of 2D or 3D virtual models in a sequence of images of the real environment
  • Applies to visual, auditory and sometimes tactile perception
  • Used more and more in industry
  • Examples: mechanical design, assisted maintenance, parts assembly

Virtual Reality

  • Simulation of the user’s physical presence in a computer generated artificial environment
  • Allows living an immersive experience similar to a real one
  • Often used to prepare the user to achieve a complex task in the real world
  • Involves most of the user’s senses : sight, hearing, touch and even smell in certain cases
  • Example: immersive visit of new places

Are you intrigued?

How virtual and augmented reality can be useful to your company?

  • Immersive visit to workplaces, allowing the new worker to control his new environment quickly
  • Simulation of complex tasks, allowing the worker to acquire the necessary skills for his work before being placed in a real context
  • Real-time display of the dangers connected to a machine
  • Display of actions to be taken so the worker can work in complete safety
  • Verification of equipment operation by simply pointing the equipment with a mobile device
  • Real-time instructions provided to the worker during a task needing several important steps