Innovative solutions for your smart factory!

Connect our smart sensors to your machines, collect the essential data and analyze your performance on your mobile device with management dashboards updated in real time!

Here are the main features of our Smart Factory 4.0 system

Real time follow-up of the operating data of machines and processes

The data generated by machines and processes are continuously collected by our sensors. They are forwarded to our processing platform, where they are transformed into information, allowing for more effective management.

Operation Dashboards

The data continuously collected by our sensors serve to feed your operation dashboards. We create customized systems to satisfy your needs. Our dashboards offer a diversity of standard and personalized display elements.

Management Dashboard

The data history is used to develop advanced management dashboards. These give you a clear vision of past trends to help you make the best decision, as quickly as possible (partner website, AméliorAction).

Alarm Management

Our system generates an alarm when a machine or process operating data exceeds a certain limit. The alarm can be sent by e-mail, SMS or by a variety of other means of communication.

Predictive Maintenance

Your machines become capable of predicting future breakdowns. They are able to plan the maintenance that has to be done to avoid expensive costs. Obviously, your technician specialists will always have the last word on the suggestions made by your machines!

Virtual and augmented reality

Our solution contributes to the expansion of the new immersive technologies of virtual and augmented reality.

  • Training
  • Detection of risks
  • Remote operation

Mobile Forms

The New Factory 4.0 decreases the use of the non- renewable resources. That’s why we offer you mobile form technology. Also, the use of this technology drastically decreases paperwork costs (Partner site, AméliorAction).

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Intelligent platform

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Examples of possible applications (among many others)


Water Management

  • Drinking water treatment
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Control of toxic chemical release.
  • Water control of public swimming pools

Environmental Monitoring

  • Hazardous gases measurement
  • Monitoring of radiations
  • Air quality control
  • Ozone presence control
  • Ambient noise measurement

Industrial Control

  • Temperature measurement
  • Vibration measurement
  • Reservoir and silo measurement
  • Flow measurement
  • Production follow-up with RFID/NFC tags
  • Machine auto diagnosis
  • Energy consumption