Integrated machine condition monitoring system

  • Vibration analysis
  • Lubrication
  • Temperature



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What can SIS-X do for you ?

If you could predict a breakdown or a failure before it even happened ? Science fiction ? No. Reality ! This is exactly what SIS-X can do for you. SIS-X is a complete intelligent failure prediction system, specifically designed to assist you in the smooth running of your production.


Reduction of downtime


Drastically reduce the number of emergency stops by up to 75%. Schedule interviews at your convenience.

Reduced maintenance costs


Reduce preventive and corrective maintenance costs up to 40% through better work order planning. No more unnecessary maintenance costs.


Increase production


Optimize the overall performance of your production equipment and ensure that it will last longer. Rest assured you can meet the deadlines and quality necessary for customer satisfaction.


Reduction of operational health and safety risks

30 %

Reduce the OHS risks associated with emergency repairs. Planned and prepared repairs are safer.

Source : CXP Group

The technology behind SIS-X

Sensors connected to SIS-X  monitoring program continuously monitor and analyze the performance and condition of your equipment (machines and systems) by measuring temperature and vibration frequency. SIS-X warns you if it detects an anomaly compared to the reference behavior of your machines and thus allows you to intervene before the failure occurs.

Customer testimonial : a satisfied SIS-X user, Yves Lacroix, CEO at FAB 3R. (english subtitles available)

How will SIS-X accomplish its mission ? 


24/7/365 real-time monitoring

Real-time monitoring of the condition of your equipment. Instant and continuous access to your industrial data with easy-to-understand operations dashboards.

Predictive maintenance

Predict the remaining life of a machine with intelligent analysis of its past and present operating values.

Graphical and numerical monitoring of data history

View your data using graphs by predefined or custom time ranges. Data tables are downloadable for advanced local analysis (Excel and csv files).


3-Level alert system

Be notified in real time with our 3-level alert system. Warnings on the dashboard, by email and/or SMS. Easily change and customize repeat frequencies and threshold values.

Designed to go further…

SIS-X offers multiple features that make it a complete system at the cutting edge of technology.

Works with or without internet connection

Sending data to existing management systems (e.g. CMMS)

Root cause analysis

Location of the defective component by frequency analysis of the vibration. Determination of the cause of failure, which allows appropriate maintenance to be performed without the need for resources to establish a diagnosis

Guaranteed reliability

Remote monitoring of system operation (Smart Cloud IO) by Andromedia Technologies

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Features and data sheet

1- Real-time equipment condition monitoring (dashboard)

  • Vibration level
  • Operating temperature of components
  • Lubrication system

2- Graphical and numerical monitoring of the data history

  • Graphs with predefined or customized time ranges
  • Downloadable data table for advanced local analysis (.csv file)
  • Graphs can be exported as image files

3- 3 level alarm system with history

  • Threshold values can be easily modified by the user
  • Warning on the dashboard, by email and/or SMS
  • Customizable repetition frequencies
  • Downloadable alarm history table (.csv file)

4- Prediction of the remaining life of the equipment (predictive maintenance)

  • Elimination of unplanned downtime
  • Better maintenance planning
  • Location of the defective component by frequency analysis of the vibration

5- Works with or without Internet connection

  • All features are available in offline mode
  • Only the transmission of data to the multi-equipment monitoring platform requires an Internet connection
  • Data is recorded locally and synchronized with the online monitoring platform when an Internet connection becomes available  Transmission of data to existing management systems (e.g. CMMS)

6- Guaranteed reliability

  • Remote monitoring of the proper performance of the system by Andromedia Technologies
 1- Inputs/Outputs

  • 8 configurables analogues inputs (4-20mA, 0-10V, dynamic)
  • Vibration sensors (acc.) 0-6000 Hz, 25g max. (4 max.)
  • Temperature sensors
  • Oil level sensors
  • Oil flow sensors
  • Real time oil condition analysis sensors
  • Tachometer a. 1 analogue output (0-10V) b. 8 digital inputs / outputs c. M12 connectors

 2- Control computer

  •  Intel Quad Core Processor
  • 4 GB RAM memory
  • 64 GB storage capacity
  •  Connectivity · 1 Ethernet port · 2 Wi-Fi adapters · Bluetooth

 3- Software

  • Data management software with alarms, data history and predictive maintenance
  • Vibration frequency analysis software
  •  OPC server

 4- Power supply

  •  110VAC, 3000 mA

5- Mechanical properties

  •  Operating temperature: 0-70°C
  •  IP66 protection rating
  • UL, FCC and/or CE approved component





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