Intelligent Platform

Adds to your factory the advanced capacities lacking in the former automated systems

Once entered in the online processing platform, the information sent by the sensors is analyzed, using advanced artificial intelligence algorithms. It creates new possibilities, allowing you to significantly improve the profitability of your operations!

Operation Dashboard

  • Real time follow-up of the operation data
  • Alarm and warning display
  • Operational Statistics
  • Historical trends
  • Customized design

Management Dashboard

  • Data trend follow-up
  • Helps management decision-making
  • Connects operation data with external data
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Operation Dashboard
Tableau de bord de gestion

Our intelligent processing platform is based on Watson IoT, the IBM‘s Internet of Things platform. For our customers, it means that we offer an infrastructure with legendary stability and safety.

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  • Critical level alarm
  • Warning of operation value to be monitored
  • Display on the operation dashboard
  • Sending a notice by e-mail or SMS

Predictive Maintenance

  • Automatic detection of imminent problem
  • Automatic planning of appropriate corrective maintenance
  • Information e-mails sent to the maintenance planner
  • Order memo sent to the parts’ store

Remote Diagnosis

  • Detection of sensor problems
  • Detection of erroneous sensor values
  • Remote programming of sensors

We are constantly adding new smart features to our system!

We can even create a customized feature to meet your particular need!