It’s with pride that our company positions itself as the new Leader of Industry 4.0 in Quebec.

Our Mission
“To offer technological solutions to our industrial and municipal customers that will allow them to improve their operational performance, according to the principles of Industry 4.0”

Our Slogan
“Innovative solutions for smart factories”

Our Offer

  1. Smart industrial and municipal machines – operational point of view;
    • Smart data sensors;
    • Operating data recorded in real time;
    • Creation of operation dashboards and management dashboards from the data collected;
  2. Smart industrial and municipal machines – reliability;
    • E-mail or SMS sent when an operating data reaches an alarming or critical value. It indicates a coming breakdown;
    • Automatic maintenance planning necessary to avoid the breakdown, with a notice to the administrator and to the parts’ store;
  3. Virtual and increased reality
    • Training in factory with simulations and immersive visits;
    • Tasks assisted by increased reality – assistance for the steps to follow;
    • Health-safety assisted by increased reality – visual signal sent when a machine nearby has a danger
  4. Mobile forms replace paper ones
    • The data collected by forms allow management dashboards to be created.

Our Website

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