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I am pleased to present the first in a series of 10+ blogs dedicated to the true nature of Smart Factory 4.0, as announced here

“Robots are going to steal my work.”

“With artificial intelligence, machines will eventually replace man. »

usine 4.0

These are statements that I often hear when I talk about technological developments in industry. So let me, with this new blog post, demystify a little bit the real impact that the Smart Factory will have on quality of life at work. Let me show you that the smart plant will ultimately be a more humane plant.




Martin the mechanic

To begin with, here is the story of Martin (fictitious name). Martin is a young mechanic whom I had the opportunity to get to know when I was working in the big industry. From an early age, Martin had the opportunity to work in mechanics. It must be said that when you come from a farming family, resourcefulness is a necessity. From the age of 16, Martin knew how to reassemble an engine. An outstanding mechanic, you know.

When I met him, Martin was starting his career with the same employer as me. Since he was the youngest mechanic in the company, he was often assigned work with no added value. For example, every morning, Martin spent several hours touring the machinery to note the value of engine hour counters. Not very interesting work for a top mechanic, you will agree. Moreover, near the end of the week, when most of the mechanics’ hours of work were up, Martin could not take over for the major repairs, since he had also exhausted his hours of work… noting meter values.

As a result, operations often had to cease due to a lack of qualified personnel to carry out essential repairs. Martin has been with the company for several years. His annual salary of $100,000 certainly helped him to fight the monotony of his tasks. However, there came a time when even his high salary was no longer enough to keep Martin. He then left the company to find a job in an organization that was certainly more humble, but which offered him a job that stimulated him much more.

Times are changing

Today it is possible to install automated telemetry systems on machines at a very reasonable cost. These systems make it possible to collect meter data, send it to the company’s management systems and interpret it without human intervention. This breakthrough allows workers to focus on value-added and much more interesting tasks. Motivation and satisfaction at work can only be increased.
This is a first example of how the Smart Plant will increasingly provide employees with a rich and stimulating work environment… a more humane workplace!

“And what about lost jobs? “you will ask me.

My answer is simple: new technologies do not lead to net job losses. At the very most, they create an increased need for specialization. Without wishing to enter the debate on the future sustainability of industrial jobs in Quebec, I invite you to consult the article “The shortage of skilled labour affects half of Quebec’s manufacturers”, published online by the “Quebec Manufacturers and Exporters”.

The title of the article says everything good…

I am told that I must remember the ardour of my keyboard, so as not to write a novel. I will therefore stop here for today. In the next blog, I’ll give you another example of how the smarter plant will be more humane: the case of the overworked manager.

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