News, information and case studies about the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Artificial Intelligence in manufacturing and other technologies related to Industry 4.0
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Industrial Artificial Intelligence for dummies

Petit traité d'Intelligence Artificielle industrielle pour les nuls   Welcome to this series of blog posts about Artificial Intelligence applied to the industry. The reasons why I decided to write about this subject are diverse. The two most important reasons...

Your Smart Factory 4.0: are you ready?

Quebec manufacturers must prepare for the fourth major global industrial revolution: connected machines and Smart Factory 4.0. Why should you be interested in Smart Factory 4.0 from now on? In Quebec, your manufacturing or municipal plant needs to be ready quickly to...

Industry 4.0: New Quebec leader

It’s with pride that our company positions itself as the new Leader of Industry 4.0 in Quebec. Our Mission "To offer technological solutions to our industrial and municipal customers that will allow them to improve their operational performance, according to the...

What is Industry 4.0?

Last week, my associate Sylvie Rioux and I attended the “Sommet de Montréal sur l’Innovation” on the theme, “Industry 4.0.” For us, it was an opportunity to meet some key players in Quebec’s industrial innovation. This event also allowed us to strengthen our...

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