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What is a “Smart Factory”?

It’s the integration of digital technologies into manufacturing processes.


Take control

Eliminate paper

React quickly with a real time follow-up

Reduce operation costs

Increase productivity

Simplify management

Reduce waste

Reduce downtime

Reduce overproduction


Jean Vincent

Project Manager, Le Trou du Diable microbrewery

“For Le Trou du Diable, wastewater management used to represent a major challenge. The characteristics of the wastewater had to be manually noted several times a day. Also, reporting to the government agencies was very difficult.

But now, by monitoring wastewater using Andromedia Technologies’ smart system, everything is so much simpler:


  1. Data is automatically formatted in real-time and historical dashboards;
  2. Reports are automatically generated by simply pressing a button;
  3. The system automatically warns the person in charge when a characteristic of the wastewater is noncompliant or when the level of a tank becomes critical;
  4. The Andromedia Technologies’ system continuously monitors the water treatment equipment and is able to detect a malfunction as soon as it occurs.”

Samuel Pittet

Project Manager Elmec Inc.

“We are in our third project with Andromedia Technologies. This company is attentive to its customers and makes it a duty to meet their needs!”


Intelligent platform

Virtual and Augmented Reality